February 24, 2010

Please don't annoy me BEFORE I've had some coffee

I know my husband is quite good at his job. Now I think I know why. He annoys his employees and superiors until they just give in and let him have his way.

Let me recreate a little of our conversation this morning ... before I had even thought about coffee.

He: When are we going to see John this weekend?
(John is our cousin who is shipping out to Iraq in March.)

Me: You go up early and I'll come up after the baseball games.

He: That's too far for you to drive on your own.

Me: It's an hour and a half. I've driven it many times on my own.

He: Something could happen.

Me: Between here and C.S?

He: You could break down.

Me: I'll call you or AAA.

He: What if your phone doesn't work?

Me: Seriously? My brand new iPhone?

He: Yes. What if you are on the highway and your car breaks down and your phone doesn't work.

Me: I'm not driving on the highway.

He: You're taking the back roads? What if you hit a deer?

Me: Seriously?

He: Something could happen. What if I have my phone off?

Me: I'll call AAA, or George or Pat (Friends of ours whose houses I have to pass to get to C.S.)

He: Then we'll have two cars there.

Me: Yes?

He: Is that excessive? That wastes gas. It's expensive.

Me: Yes, but let me remind you that you work for an oil company. We get a discount on gas.

He: We'll have to drive back at night. That is an added risk factor.

Me: I don't want to talk about this anymore, just decide what you want to do and tell me.

Short pause ...

He: I don't want to miss the baseball games.

Me: They are practice games.

He: I've committed to making as many games as possible.

Me: They are practice games.

He: Are they practice or games?

Me: They are practice games.

He: I want to be there for the kids.

Me: They are practice games. Why don't we go on Sunday?

He: We'll miss church and Sunday School.

Me: Let's just go to early church.

He: Our friends will be disappointed if we aren't at sunday school.

Me: Seriously?

He: Yeah, K. is depending on us to be there.

Me: Seriously?

He: Well, I know we've only been once, but I think they want us there.

Me: (I say nothing and put a pillow over my head in a vain attempt to drown out the incessant chatter.)

He: So, when do you want to go see John this weekend?

I can't take anymore and the conversation ends when I get up and leave.

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