August 3, 2010

And Another Photo

You know you wanted to see another photo of Glacier National Park in Montana ... I know I did. Did I mention this was July 14th?

iPhone Dependency

I broke my iPhone. I broke it 8 days ago. I have been waiting for my new iPhone 4 to arrive at the store. Did you know that 7 to 10 business days is an eternity?

I remember when my oldest child was born. I didn't even have a phone.

Heck, I remember living in South America the year after we got married and I didn't even have internet in my apartment. How times have changed. I think I could almost live without the internet. I know I could live without facebook. But my phone. Come on AT&T and Apple ... could you please speed up production, processing, shipping. I can drive to Fort Worth to pick it up ... it is only 4 hours. I am not sure I can take this much longer.

I think I may soon need a support group for people experiencing withdrawal from the iPhone.