February 24, 2010

One way to fix ailing schools

All Teachers Fired at Rhode Island School

This CNN story details the battle in American education between teachers doing what is right and the teachers' union demanding that we pay them to do it. Who should have the responsibility for students' education?

In our house, I have that responsibility. I have fired teachers before. I have removed my child from a class that wasn't meeting his educational needs. I am on of "those" mothers. You know, the one who requests teachers. The one who is an advocate for "her" children. I check their grades at least every other day. I know when their assignments are due. I am not just a parent, but also an educator. I am also well-educated myself. I know what is required by both higher-education and the working world and I intend to make sure my kids are prepared.

Not all parents have my skill-set. Not even all the parents in my neighborhood.

New York City also thinks that poor teachers should go.

I guess I wonder who they are going to hire when they let everyone go. We have a great school and really good test scores, but there are several teachers I would not let my children have. There are applicants who would love to teach in my school, but I doubt any of them would agree to teach in a district that fired an entire high school staff and whoe population is not prepared to "advocate" for their own families.

Maybe the newly unemployed teachers should move to Los Angeles?

Teachers to Gain Control of Schools

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