February 21, 2010

Elite Public Education

The Fordham Institute published a study on "private public schools." Those being defined as schools in which low-income students make up less than 5% of the student body. I wanted to see where my school fell on the scale. None of the schools in my district are on this list, by the way.

Here is a random school from the list - Groveland Elementary, in Wayzata, MN:

Percent Low-Income - 3.13 %
Percent White - 90%
Persent Asian - 4%
Percent Black - 2 %
Percent Hispanic - 3 %

And now my school:

Percent Reduced or Free Lunch - 13%
Percent White/Asian - 75%
Percent Black - 6%
Percent Hispanic - 19%

And here is a school less than five miles away:

Persent Reduced or Free Lunch - 5%
Percent White/Asian - 83%
Persent Black - 3%
Percent Hispanic - 14%

What keeps them off the list, I wonder? The number of Hispanic children. I think if they would check the percent of Hispanc children in school against the average Hispanic population of South Texas, they would find that 14% percent is actually pretty low.

Considering the numbers this Memorial Elementary in Weslaco, TX put up:

Percent Low-Income - 0.11 %
Percent White - 5%
Persent Asian - 2%
Percent Black - 0%
Percent Hispanic - 93 %

Kind of blows some of your preconceived notions out of the water. Doesn't it?

Is your school on the list?

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