March 24, 2009

After 500 Blogs

I have discovered a few things as I have made my way among the blogs on the internet. I will be a little more selective.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Twilight was not a great work of fiction, and HSM is not destined to be a classic.

I do not want to work at home. I spend too much time there as it is. I want to work in Rome.

I do not believe your toddler really writes a blog.

I do not want to ever hear about bowels or gastric bypass ever again.

Yes, your daughter is cute, but so is everyone else's.

Holy Mackerel, if my blog is ever that boring (I do not care what you bought at Target today. I do not care what you bought at Target yesterday.) will someone please tell me.

Some other things I discovered:

If you put the title of your blog on Mr. Linky instead of just your name then people will know why you are blogging before they ever even click through to your site. More people should name their blogs "Absolutely Everything You Could Ever Possible Want To Know About ???"

I like clean blogs, so if you have a ton of buttons and info that hits me as soon as I open your site, I probably won't come back.

I also don't like blogs with dark backgrounds - lighten up.

If your blog deals with something requiring a needle, I will ooh and ahh for about a minute and wonder at your creativity and dexterity and try to figure out how you have so much time on your hands, but I probably won't get too far and probably won't go back.

I will also be amazed by your money-saving-couponing strategies. Again, where do you find the time?

I worry about scrapbookers. While you are looking at or working on your next page, what are you missing? You will have a few memories in a book, I will have thousands and thousands in my head (and stored in iPhoto).

I am glad you like your music. I like mine as well and I usually am listening to iTunes on my computer while I am surfing the net or working on my blog or updating Quicken. I think it is annoying to have to look for the pause/stop button you hide somewhere on your site. I usually just click the little red circle and close your page. Your music interrupts mine, and I like mine better.

There are a lot of Grandmothers who blog. I wonder what mine would say if she knew how to use a computer? She is 95, gave birth to 13 kids (my dad is one of ten who are still living), has over 60 grandkids and a bunch of great-grandkids. I was there when one of the ladies at the widow's table at her club in Florida announced her upcoming wedding and asked my grandmother when she would start dating again (she was 70 at the time). She looked at the woman with shock and said, "I loved my husband more than anyone in the world, but why on earth would I want to get married and have someone else telling me what to do. No thank you!" She is my hero.


  1. This was so funny and the best part...TRUE! I love your humor and look forward to reading more of your posts. I am going to put you on my blogroll so that I can find you more easily.
    Coloring Outside The Lines

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I love your honesty...and I agreed with almost everything you said! I will definitely come back. Let me know what you were thinking for National Poetry month. I would be honored for you to use one of my poems!

  3. That is the funniest post about 'UBP09 posts' I've read yet!!! That completely sums it up...LOVE IT.