April 7, 2011

My Dream House

That is it. From House Beautiful. But I don't want it near a beach. I want it smack in the middle of a large tract of land in West Texas. A high fence and a gate code would be nice so no one could bother me. But that is a different post about my growing misanthropic tendencies.

I love the mid-century modern aesthetic of the house. I love the simple clean lines. I love the big windows and the porches. I love that I think you could easily drive a tractor right up to it. A green John Deere.

Mid-century modern with a touch of John Deere. My family. And some chickens. And a pool. And no one for miles. Doesn't that just about sound perfect.

And since it is Texas ... maybe a cow.


  1. My dream house would be sitting on its own bit of land, like houses I've seen in Canada. Not much land, just enough so that oudon't have a string of other houses pressing in on you. That's how it tends to be in England.

    Unfortunately, houses that aren't like that in England will have a crazy house valuation and I doubt they'll ever be within my means. Guess I'll just have to settle for anything with the power shower and brick barbecue that I've been dreaming of.

  2. Cool, looks like such a chilled out place to live. One day i'll have to take the leap and move somewhere like that, waking up to the ocean and water everyday would be fantastic. My only concern would be the conveyancing of the house/beach arrangement, apart from that, amazing!