April 10, 2009

How did I miss this?

Since its beginnings 84 years ago, Miller Outdoor Theatre has provided a unique resource for the City of Houston and its visitors. Steadfast in the founding principal that the theatre shall provide cultural and educational events free of charge for the public, Miller has evolved like the city itself. What was once "a permanent bandstand" in Hermann Park is now a first-class proscenium theatre, professionally operated and committed to providing quality and diverse performances worthy of the great international city that Houston has become.

We went to our first performance last night. The whole experience - driving down early to get good tickets (free), driving to Whole Foods for outdoor dinner food, driving home, preparing the dinner, driving to pick up my husband, driving to the treater again, watching the production, driving home - took up most of my day. It was worth it. The production was first class. The company was unparalleled. The setting was wonderful. It is the perfect way to introduce the boys to a more varied fine arts experience.

I have a feeling we will be spending many a summer afternoon and evening there. Hope to see you in the audience.

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