November 6, 2010

Bad Habit

I have a bad habit.

Ever since I purchased Amazon Prime last year, I buy books without even giving them a second thought. No waiting for them to arrive at the library for me. I don't even have to wait for my total to equal $25 to qualify for free standard shipping. Any book. Any time. Free two day shipping. My latest purchases are due to arrive Tuesday.

Thanks to Girl Detective, I followed a few links to New Century Reading and Nonsuch Books. After reading a few posts I decided I had to have Doctor Zhivago. A few more clicks and I was at Amazon where I could buy that AND Madame Bovary. People buy these books together. So I guess I should too. $40. But free shipping.

But when the hell am I going to read them? Maybe I will wrap them up and put them under the tree. They look like good January books.


  1. Inquirer, ACK! I'm spreading my bad habits! I did, however, manage to NOT buy Doctor Zhivago, and have sworn off book challenges for the immediate future.

    Except for a shelf-sitter challenge I'm thinking of doing for the beginning of January...

  2. Tell me who is hosting it. I need a cahllange like that. If I put these directly on the shelf will they qualify?